Entrepreneurial Competencies of Mr. Bhushan Pagar

“Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.”— Henry Mintzberg

Mr. Bhushan Pagar a Young Lad who belongs to a very small town in northern  region of Nasik District called Kalwan . Born on 21st January 1988 , He completed his Primary & Higher Education from JVM School & College . As we know that Most of the people from Maharashtra are engaged in Agricultural Activities so his father  Mr.  Vishwanth Pagar grabbed this opportunity an started a small business of Farming  Equipment . Mr. Bhushan Pagar from childhood always had inclination towards doing something of his own. He always used to dream about having his own business unit & people working for him, where he could utilize his time in his own manner.         During his

education Mr. Bhushan Pagar always gave a helping hand to his dad in their  family Business & at a tender age of 19 he started learning & gaining knowledge & insight about the market.  He Started to understand how to deal with customers , how to have negotiation

, how to bargain with customers & suppliers . In fact he was making himself ready to face the business world . After completing his education he started looking fully fledged after   his dad business . He always wanted to expand their business & he took a major step in doing so what he did was he applied for a land in Kalwan MIDC & expanded the  production capacity 7 from a small shop now it was a magnanimous Factory built up in 3 Acres of Land & this jaint step was taken at a mere age of 21. He visited Jalandhar and Gurgaon for modernization of business, as a result, he introduced first automatic rolling shutter die machine in Kalwan. By the age of 23 , he shifted his focus from the traditional business of farming equipments to make the Almirahs & cupboard. Adding more flair to his risk taking capacity & urge to move forward he Introduced first 3D designing system in Kalwan . In the Year 2008 the Factory was renamed to UMESH INDUSTRIES.

Umesh Industries now have Introduced Trolly Section  & Design Section in   Kalwan

. He has also opened an Factory Outlets in Nasik & Abhona . Today Umesh Industries has 30 Full time Workers . Due to his hard work & dedication towards his Business, Kalwan Commerce Association conferred him with Young Entrepreneurship Award 2013. He is  just not only an Entrepreneur besides it he is also involved in many social activities & currently is also a President of Rotary Club Kalwan .

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