* Guest Lecture on “Demonetization on Industrial Growth Post Demonetization-Effect & Affect by CA Randhir Gujrathi -13th January 2017
* Expert Lecture on ” Placement Interview- Grooming Session by Dr Medha Shykhedkar, Wednesday 11th January 2017
* Guest Lecture on Digital Marketing & Career In Digital Marketing by Mr Amol Kadam ,CEO & Co-founder LionKing Media , 15th October ,2016
* Guest Lecture on “Information Technology Act” by (Mr Vikas Naik , CEO, Sharda Entreprise) on 30th ,September 2016
* Seminar on “BEE: Building Empowering Environment for Youth Employability” by Ms Sarah Nehrling & Mr. Kerron Vaishnav, on 20th September 2016
* Guest Lecture on “Importance of Financial Planning” by Mr Darshan Lodha (Owner Darsh Financials ) Saturday ,17th September 2016
* Guest Lecture on “Best HR Practices” Mr Prakash Gunjal (Ex-Asst.General Manager, HR, Mylan Laboratories) 27th August 2016
* Guest Lecture on “Personality Development” by Dr Medha Sykhedkar, 31st March 2016.
* Two Days workshop on “How to Write a Research Paper” by 1) Ms Anjana Singh (Unicversity of Strathclyde, UK) 2)Dr S T Gandhe (Principal ,SITRC) 3) Dr Jayshree Bhalerao (Research Coordinator , MGV IOM) 4)Mr Milind Gore (Head, HR, Thyssenkrupp) ,29th & 30 thJanuary 2016.
* Guest lecture on “Digital Marketing” Mrs Mohini Modak (Director ,Web Master key ) & Mr Subhash Gore (Director ,Web Master key ) , 18th January 2016
* Guest Lecture on “Personal Branding” by Ms. Sharayu Mahale of Stern School of Business, New York, US ,Monday, 11th January 2016
* Guest lecture on“Why an MBA needs to master Analytics” by Mr Manish Gupta & Mr.Subramaniam ,11th January 2016.
* Expertn Lecture on “Tax Awareness” by Mr Makrand Fedge (CA), 14th October 2015.
* Guest Lecture on “Financial Wellness Enhancement” by CFP Mr Abhishekh Somani ,CFP Mr Kaushik Ramchandra & CS Mr Vrushal Saudhagar, 8th September 2015
* Seminar on “Human Rights” by Dr Medha Shykhedkar, 07 September , 2015.
* Guest Lecture on “Importance of Life Insurance” by Shashi Agarwal, Chief Executive Financial Advisor & Mr. Priyadarshan Joshi ,Manager Training , August 2015
* Mr. Prasad Jain From Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. on “Compensation Management”, on dated 20th Mar. 2014

* Mr. Chandrashekhar Tilak From NSDL Ltd. on “Interim Budget analysis”, on dated 8th Mar 2014

* Dr. Ashutosh Raravikar (Advisor) from RBI on “Interim Budget analysis”,on dated 8th Mar 2014

* Mr. Pramod Puranik From Mutual Fund Consultant on “Interim Budget analysis”, on dated 8th Mar 2014

* Mr. Girish Koshti   on “Career Opportunities after MBA”, on dated 26thJan 2014

* Mr. Makrand Rege From Learning Academy Mumbai on “Performance & Talent Management”, on dated 28th Jan 2014

* Mr. Ganesh Pitale From Simens India Ltd. on “Various Acts Related to HR”, on dated 25th Jan 2014

* Mr. John From MIT BOSTON on “Global Aspects of MBA Education”, on dated 24th Jan 2014

* Mr. Ajit Thakur From Reliable Group of companies on “Importance of Six Sigma Tools”, on dated 23rd Jan 2014

* Mr. Shailesh Sandel From Money Bee Institute, Nagpur on “Investment Awareness”, on dated 21st Jan 2014

* Mr. Ravindra Gavali From Amrutvahini Institute of Management and Business Studies on “Case study Methods”, on dated 17th Jan 2014

* Mr. Saurabh Khatri From Money Bee Institute, Nagpur on “Budget Analysis”, on dated 15th Jan 2014

* Mr. Vivek Shinare From B.V.G. India Pvt. Ltd. on “Opportunities and resources with respect of National and international markets”, on dated 10th Jan 2014

* Mr. Rajeev Kapoor From IIM Indoor on “Management a science of interpretation and analysis for critical business decision making”,on dated 9th Jan 2014

* Mr. Raghunath Medge from Dabbawala Association on “Quality Management and Six sigma team building”, on dated 27th Aug 2013

* Prof. Manoj Kasat (Visiting faculty IIM, Kolkatta ) on“MotivationTechniques ”, on dated 20th Mar 2013

* Mr.Venkitachala ( Management Consultant )on “Corporate Governance”, on dated 12 Feb 2013

* Prof. K.T. Talele (Professor) From Sardar Patel Institute of Technology Mumbai on “Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development”, on dated 8 Feb 2013

* Mr.Vrushal Saudagar, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India on“Investment Options & Tax Planning”, on dated 28 Jan 2013

* Mr.Achyut Godbole Writer on “IT Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”, on dated 22nd Jan 2013

* Mr.Ramneek Kapoor, (IIM Faculty ) from Indore on “Maximizing Leadership Potential”, on dated 15 Jan 2013

* Dr. E.B. Khedkar ( Dean-Faculty of Management) from University of Pune,Inaugurate the SAMS Newsletter and given lecture on “Expectations from Management Students”, on 12 Jan 2013

* Mr. Mazhar Shaik (Ex-faculty ) from NMIMS on “Personality Development”,on dated 9 Jan 2013

* Mr. Prakash Vasekar and Mr. Amol Vaidya from Delphi Computech Pvt. Ltd., Puneon “SAP Awareness”, on dated 27 July 2012

* Mr. V.A. Upadhaya (Ex VP & Plant Head Mahindra Ugine Pvt. Ltd.) on “ How to Prepare for Project Viva”, on dated 7 Aug 2012

* Prof. Sachin Pachorkar (Asst . Professor, IMRT and on “ How to Prepare for Project Viva”, on dated 7 Aug 2012

* Mr. Jayram Zaveri ( CA- Practicing) on “ How to Prepare for Project Viva”,on dated 7 Aug 2012

* Dr. O.G. Kulkarni (Scientist) and Dr. Mahesh Kulkarni (Ex-Professor) ,on “ Challenges and Opportunities for MBA Students” , on dated 9 Aug. 2012

* Mr. Dare Marcus from Randstad Chennai on “Soft Skill Training”, from dated 6 Aug to 21 Aug 2012

* Mr. Sanjay Puranik from Mahindra & Mahindra, Nashik on “Managing People Effectively”, on dated 3 Oct. 2012

* Mr. Shailesh Pandit from Shalaka Enterprises on “ Introduction ofEntrepreneurship”, on dated 11 Oct. 2012

* Mr. Ritesh Ruparel (Free Lancer) on “ Law of Attraction”, on dated 19 Oct. 2012

* Mr. Jackson Joiseph (Asst. General Manager-HR) from M & M on “ To Strenhtjen Industry Institute Interaction”, on dated 13 Feb. 2012

* Mr. Anil Daithankar ( Manager) from EPCOS Ltd. on “ To Strenhtjen Industry Institute Interaction”, on dated 13 Feb. 2012

* Mr. V.A. Upadhaya (Ex Plant Head)   from Mahindra Ugine on “ To Strenhten Industry Institute Interaction”, on dated 14 Feb. 2012

* Mr. Sumanta Rao from ABB Ltd. Nashik on “ To Strenhtjen Industry Institute Interaction”, on dated 14 Feb. 2012

* Dr. B.B. Rayate (Director) from KRS College of Management on “ To Strenhtjen Industry Institute Interaction”, on dated 14 Feb. 2012