Young Entrepreneur :Shaunak Chafekar

Shaunak  a student of Fravash Acacdemy, is currently pursuing his engineering from KK Wagh college of engineering. He has founded Scribido Magazine (Youth Magazine), Scribido Campus (Custom newspaper for schools) and right now working on his next venture  Scribido Cafe which is a youth focused eatery. He is such a person who was an entrepreneur first by design and then by choice. According to Shaunak when he started with his  engineering course he was so bored of it that he  decided to get together with his friends and start some activity. That activity eventually resulted in Scribido Magazine. Shauna & groups  are currently focusing on Scribido Campus which is India’s first company in the business of custom newspapers for schools. Apart from that they are working on Scribido Cafe which will be a youth oriented cafe.

According to Shaunak when they  started the magazine, they  had no clue about how the advertising business works and so they  made many revenue projection mistakes then. While starting the business they first think in which they are comfortable with . They decided not to copy  big companies  which follow certain practices . For example power point presentations are strictly banned. Meetings are not more than 30 minutes and are to the point. Refreshments are not served in the meetings as they generally are a distraction. They  however follow a few corporate practices. They  follow the things in which they  are comfortable  with. As per Shaunak Entrepreneurship is about the journey, not about the money.

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