One of the Youngest CEOs of Nasik City: Dinesh Modi

Well Dinesh Modi from his childhood was sincere & confident guy. A very shy guy & was not that open to the people. His foundation was made strong by his teachers in his tender age only. Since childhood, gadgets were something that caught his attention. He was always fascinated by latest technology and sci-fi movies. He was curious to know how they work and this urged him adapt himself to latest technologies. Initially he was very interested with Hacking. He was a Script Kiddie then, then he slowly started to freelance and launched his first website for a client when he was in 8the standard in school. For. As many of the children like to spend hours & hours leafing the pages of their favorite books, dinesh also would like to spend hours glue ding to the laptop.In his second year of engineering itself, he was aware of the placement scenarios for the engineers and moreover the thirst to recover the management quota fund back made him form “Innovations” in Jan 2011. He wanted to go far and hence he started early. News about his skills spread through word of mouth and soon he was flanked with more offers than he could handle personally. He started with small websites and then expanded his services as well as team. 2 Years down the line, a firm he operated single headedly now has more than 24 employees and 40+ freelancers.His plans are to get his offices and workstations renovated and add Android & Desktop Applications development to their portfolio of services. Moreover, he is also planning to startup a unique e-commerce model for city.

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