Krishi Ratna: Mr Rajendra Kunkulol

“ The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities”—– Stephen Covey

Mr. Rajendra Z. Kunkulol was born in shrirampur village in a humble household Family .His father was a priest conducting religious rituals for his livehood. Mr.Kunkulol did his primary education in his village and completed his Graduation in Science  from  Loni.


In 1975,Mr.Kunkulol started his career in farming. He worked in Agricos company for one year on merely  wage of Rs.1.50  per a day . . Mr. Kunkulol had  least expericence  in farming. Rajendra was earing quite handsome money which was sufficient to take care of his family but he was not staisfied internally because he wanted to achieve something more something much more in magnitude & scale .He felt that farming was restricting his creaitivity.But it was impossible for him for him to quit farming.So he decided to comeup with an creative idea that   would help village.


Mr. Kunkulol always wanted to do something different but unfortunately,the right opportunity was not knocking his door.Working for others was never on his mind , he wanted to use his time according to his will so that he could add value. He used to feel sufficated during working hours & his mind was constantly telling him free your self from this burden & go be independent & achieve your own goals & target . One day he decided  to quit the job & got himself freed from the burden of working for others. He started his own Submerciable Pump Business.This Business gave him courage to become a famous entrepreneure.


In 1889,Mr. Kunkulol applied for Loan and which was approved bybank. He undertook the task which was not easy.Many obstacles crossed his way but he didn’t give  up. Till 1995 Mr. kunkulol was near to his target.He was first farmer to introduce Submerciable Pumps in Ahmednagar district.He was inspired by the thought that he have to create something that will give new way for farming.He went to pune for further studies in Agricos which was developed with new technology. Initially he restricted himself to do business for Maharastra region & he was sucessful in doing so and received good response.


He than decided to expnad his farming. He started “Grapes Farm” named as Aishwarya farm. Mr. Kunkulol expanded his farming business and reached globally.He started exporting his Grapes in Dubai, Singapore etc. All his dream has come true & now Mr Rajendra was more of a complete man from outside & within as well


Today Aishwarya farm is famous in Dubai also . In 2012, His hardwork paid off & Mr Kunkulol was awarded with “Krushi Ratna”. His wife Mrs. Mangal kunkulol supported him a lot to achieve his aim .Mr. Kunkulol shares his lines as,”The was difficult, but My Wife, my family,and my friends supported me a lot. Passion, Persistance and in-depth study of things have made me a successful Farmer  as well as Entreprenur today.


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